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I have never intended this site to plug DVDs or other such media, but on this occasion I am delighted to make an exception.

The film features, my close friend, the gorgeous Miss Jacquie Blu, starring in her first BDSM film role as submissive to the Stunning “Mistress Cyan” and was filmed at the superbly equipped “Sanctuary LAX” facility in Los Angeles, California.

The film will be available for purchase in three parts

Part One – Boot Licking where Jacquie pays respectful homage to Mistress Cyans’ gorgeous High Heeled boots as seen in the still featured here.



Part Two – Floggers, canes and Flames , Oh My !!! Where Jacquie finds herself on the receiving end of Mistress Cyans displeasure and ends up with the marks to prove it across her gorgeous butt as illustrated in the following stills from the film.






Part Three – Hard Wood and Rubber  The third and final instalment of the film in which Jacquie is subjected to further torment at the hands of Mistress Cyan





As well as this film, the lovely Jacquie has been a very buy girl and now has released another new film.

Summoning Slutty Mary – Produced by “Paranormal Perversions”  Starring Jacquie Blu and the stunning Amazonian Sadist “Miss Sadie Synn”  It was on a fateful Halloween Eve night when Jacquie receives a text from her sex worker girlfriend. “Remember,” she joked, “don’t call for Slutty Mary in the mirror or you’ll get fucked 6 ways from Sunday!” Jacquie gets a good laugh but still can’t resist going to the mirror and attempting to summon her. Jacquie can’t keep a straight face for long and bursts into laughter at her own silliness. Suddenly, she gets a cold chill and begins to sense a dark presence behind her.



The films can currently be downloaded from the following sites

and again I will provide further locations as and when the films are posted on other sites.

For those of you fortunate enough to find yourself in the Los Angeles area, for whatever reason whether it be business, holiday or you live there, why not treat yourself to a trip to the “Sanctuary LAX” for the ultimate BDSM experience in the Los Angeles area you won’t regret it.

The “Sanctuary LAX” website can be found here.

Mistress Cyans’ website can be found at

Sadie Synn Twitter I.D @SadieSynn or @ParaPerv

Since I first posted this blog, the lovely Jacquie has been a very busy lady by not only appearing in more films but also setting up her own film production company “Blu Dreamz”

In “Sisters Attrition” Sister Jacquie hasn’t had any sex in ages. She is in torment. She wants to be a good nun and not touch herself, but the cravings are unbearable. She turns to the bible for guidance and strength. She prays and recites passages over and over, but it’s not helping. In frustration, she flings the bible across the room and breaks down in tears. Somewhere across the vast reaches of the universe a demon’s ears perk up, hearing her tormented thoughts and prayers. So, she decides to pay Sister Jacquie a little visit. Starring Jacquie Blu and Morena Black. Twitter I.D @tsMorenaBlack




I’m now off to get some Popcorn…Happy viewing y’all !!!

Mistress Wolf x