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Glasgow Mistress Sylvia Wolf


Double Domme Sessions


Mistress Argenta

Glasgow MistressMistress Argenta, has been a very well known and respected Mistress on the Glasgow BDSM/Fetish scene for many years, and she is a lady I have always held in the utmost respect, so needless to say I am absolutely delighted to have Mistress Argenta join me at my “Wolfslair” premises located in the heart of Glasgow city center.

Mistress Argenta has been a professional Mistress in Glasgow, for over a decade, and so has a great deal of experience in dealing with disruptive boys and girls and consequently can cater for an extensive variety of fetish scenarios.

If you are interested in making a appointment to serve Mistress Argenta you may contact her in the following ways.

Website : and
Mobile : 07914 115585
Twitter :
Facebook :
Fetlife :

Mistress Argenta will be accepting bookings for Individual one on one sessions with clients, or in “Double Domme” session with either myself, her “Sadistic Sister,” Mistress Affinity, Mistress Ligeia and Mistress Paige Delight, as well as Voyeur sessions or those who like to watch as she sessions with her TG submissive “Heatherscott”


Mistress Affinity

Glasgow MistressAs well as conducting “Double Domme” sessions with myself, “Mistress Argenta” is also available for “Double Domme” appointments with “Mistress Affinity” the other half of Glasgows’ “Sadistic Sisters”

Mistress Affinity is a unique Glamazon & Fetish model standing tall and Dominant at 6ft also a divine fetish enthusiast, passionate about all things dark & menacing! From tied & teased to corporal punishments they will make your fantasies become reality in discreet well equipped premises in 2 different new premises in Glasgow!

To experience the privilege of kneeling before these two magnificent Mistresses, you may contact the Mistresses in the following ways.

Website : and
Email :
Phone: 07398668354
Twitter : @DommeAffinity




Mistress Ligeia

Glasgow MistressLastly, but by no means least, the second of the new Mistresses is the delightfully “Voluptuous BBW” Mistress Ligeia.

As a protégée of, and mentored by, our very own Mistress Argenta you can be assured that Mistress Ligeia shares a similar devilishly deviant outlook, so when these two lovely ladies team up for a “Double Domme” session you can be sure it will be something special which you will want to experience again and again.

You may contact Mistress Ligeia in the following ways

Mobile : 07982 615298
Email :
Twitter :
Website : Coming soon.